About Sunny Corn

Sunny Corn is a brand which as the first was incorporated in a range of products of Planet Food, company established in Kalisz in 2011. It develops following philosophy of healthy nutrition. It offers original and natural corn wafers previously unknown in the Polish market.


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By combining excellent taste in a low-calorie snack, the wafers quickly gained recognition among customers who value their multiple applications in the kitchen.

They are foundation for both sweet and salty snacks as well as a diet supplement to main courses – especially salads, soups and even low-calorie desserts.

Sunny Corn wafers are quality products – manufactured from an original recipe which makes them crispy and light. The unique character of Sunny Corn wafers is owed to carefully selected ingredients and a lack of preservatives or additives.

To meet customer expectations, Planet Food gradually expanded its range of products by marketing onion and graham wafers.

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